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Sascha Asleep in the Sun (by Bill in DC)

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oh… fair enough , btw it wasn’t meant as critique but more like… confusion xD (I never knew your blog had a theme ^^”) I’ll happily follow under whatever blog you post because you’re the cutest <3

hehe I know sweetcheeks ;*
it wasn’t supposed to have a theme but sort of turned into that.. kind of sad I can’t change my primary blog, but oh well.. aww no way, you are totally way cuter!! and you can’t object because I’m going to bed now ehehe good night, love <33

thejehanne replied to your post: also, i have a personal blog now ~*~*~…

but it’s like…the exact same stuff you used to post on this one..?

sort of.. but this one turned into like a brown thing
so i made a new one where i don’t have to stick to a certain theme??

also, i have a personal blog now ~*~*~ 

BUT NORWAY!!!! <3 Have fuun gurl <3

yess oh so very much excite!! i’ll send you pics on fb * 7 * )b <33

trip to norway; no internet until sunday, probably


02 by xiu×5 on Flickr.


Le phare de la Baleine - Ile de Ré (by Oediperoi)




Brownie Heaven (by Binary Betty)